The Piccolo extends the range of aluphones with one octave from C7-C8.
The sound of the Piccolo is beautiful and vibrant, and the shape of the bells is very similar to that of the Cymbal Antique, from where the construction of the modern crotales was made. Some say the sound may be very close to that of the original crotales.

The Aluphone Piccolo is made of aluminum. This gives you two advantages: very light to carry and it is very durable even under extreme weather conditions. Aluphones has been testet by many Drum Corps by using them in direct sun light and not a single one went out of tune.

Range: C7-C8
Tuning: A= 442, but can be ordered in tunings like 443 for Symphony Orchestral use.
Weight: 5,5 lb (2,5 kg)