Works for Aluphone

World renowned composers have written major works!

Here you can find works for the Aluphone:

Premiered by Aluphone with orchestra:

  • James MacMillan “Percussion Concerto No.2” Premiere by Colin Currie, November 7, 2014, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra with James Gaffigan at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg (Utrecht)
  • Anders Koppel Concerto for Aluphone and Symphony Orchestra. Soloist plays aluphone and marimba. World Premier January 16th and 17th, 2014 with Evelyn Glennie as the soloist. Written for Aluphone Glennie Concert 2 1/2 oct.  Listen here. You can get the music from Edition Wilhelm Hansen: scoresolo part
  • Salvador Rojo Four Forces for percussion soloist & Orchestra 26:00. Premiered by Victor Segura Raga and Orquesta de extremadura. 1, movement for Aluphone & vibraphone. Youtube
  • Oriol Cruixent “Oraculum” Op.72 (Latin, m., literally: oracle) is a Concerto for Multi-Percussion and Orchestra in seven parts, suggesting a musical Way through the seven Chakras. Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people. Chakras (Sanskrit, m., literally: wheel, discus, circle) are the various energy centers between the physical body and the subtle human body used in a variety of meditation practices in Tantric Hinduism, Tantric-Buddhist Vajrayana and in Yoga. In “Oraculum” the Solo Percussion Part acts as a Oracle inviting the asking listener to allow the opening of his own chakras one by one through an active and conscious listening experience.Oriol Cruixent has composed and dedicated “Oraculum” to the percussionist Vivi Vassileva, with whom he has a long-standing musical friendship. World premiere May 19, 2019

  • Jill Jarman´s Sounds of Science for Percussion soloist & Orchestra. The piece of music is approximately 20 minutes and had its official world première at the project launch on Wednesday March 30th 2016 at the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, as part of the Edingburgh Science Festival. Premieres by Evelyn Glennie
  • Sean O’Boyle´s percussion concerto “Portraits of Immortal Love“, February 14, 2015Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Sarah Ioannides, Music Director with Dame Evelyn Glennie as soloist.
  • Mark Bowden  Heartland, percussion concerto with Symphony Orchestra. Percussion part includes Aluphone Glennie Concert. Premier by BBC Wales May 15, 2013. Soloist Julian Warburton Conducter: Grant Llewellyn. Recorded in January 2013 by BBC National Orchestra of Wales.
  • Max de Wardener Percussion Concerto with Symphony Orchestra: Percussion part includes Aluphone Glennie Concert. World premier June 19, 2013 in L´Auditorium de Bordeaux with Collin Currie as soloist.
  • Per NoergaardBach to the Future. Two percussion players and chamber orchestra. Aluphone Stensgaard Concert instead of steelpan. Premier April 1, 2012. Gert Mortensen and Qiao Jia Jia, Cross Fire, with the Black Diamond Ensemble, Copenhagen.
  • Peter Wallin: Space III – Beyond the Pleiades, Concerto for Aluphone and large String Orchestra. 2012.
  • Jorge Bennett-Limnio: Christmas Fantasy on 4 French Carols, Small Orchestra & Aluphone

Aluphone in Orchestra:

  • Finnish Radio Symphonyorchestrain: Matthew Whittals new Organ-concerto. Premiere May 22nd, 2024
  • Lasse Toresen’s choral symphony ΩN: Det værende. World premiere22/9-2022 with Oslo Philharmonic
  • Joby Talbot: Austin Opera presents three performances of Joby’s 2015 one-act opera Everest. Gene Scheer’s libretto relates the events of a tragic 1996 ascent of the mountain by a group of climbers of differing backgrounds and abilities.
  • CAPRICCIO FOR DARABUKA & ORCHESTRA by Askell Másson.Oct 22, 2017 World Premiere. Iceland – Akureyri Hof Concert House. Sinfonia North, Askell Masson (Darabuka), Petri Sakari (cond.)
    Instrumentation: – – perc.(3) – solo concertino group: 1 Clarinet, 1 violin, 1 cello – Darabuka solo – str.
  • Askell Masson Symphony No 3
  • Francisco Coll García Mural for Symphony Orchestra premiered by Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, September 2016 Video
  • Adam Schoenberg  La Luna Azul for Symphony Orchestra. The Aluphone bell tree Emilio Grand is a part of the percussion section. (2012) commissioned by Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Premiered by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano conducting, March 1- 4,2012Adam Schoenberg  Bounce for Symphony Orchestra. The Aluphone Glennie Concert is a part of the percussion section. co-commissioned by the Aspen Music Festival and School and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Premiered by the Aspen Music Festival and School, Robert Spano conducting, July 17, 2013. West Coast premiere by the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Hollywood Bowl, Miguel Harth-Bedoya conducting, September 10, 2013Greg Jackson: Symphony No 3 – more info comong soon
  • Francisco Coll: Mural Will be premiered by this September 2016. The percussion section includes an Aluphone.
Aluphone with Percussion Ensemble:

Aluphone solo

Aluphone in Chamber Music:
Aluphone in other musical contexts: