Carneiro Take Five

For the percussionists that engage in modern music with multipercussion set up, these instruments will be very interesting. It can be used next to a marimba or any percussion combination you can imagine.You can expand your percussion arrangements with the chromatic Aluphones, or you can put a single tone on a stand and place it wherever you would like. Aluphone also makes bell trees in many sizes and bells in different combinations. A must for the percussion player. C5 + G5 (placed below) & A#5 + C6 + D6 (places above)

Five different bells tuned to: C5 + G5 (placed below) & A#5 + C6 + D6 (places above) The Carneiro Take Five has been developed especially for drummers. It consists of bells that can be mounted on a cymbal stand and used with the drum set. It can be tipped in the direction you like. Tuning A = 442. Weight: 4,4 lb (2 kg)