Pantha du Prince & The Bell Labratory

Percussion group The Bell Laboratory works closely with Berlin-based electronic musician Pantha du Prince and the unity has long been known for pushing barriers.  Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory’s 2013 album ‘Elements of Ligh’t is no exception. The collaboration between the  Norwegian percussion ensemble The Bell Laboratory has resulted in a composition that mixes ringing bells with the gentle throb of minimal house and techno. The whole thing ebbs and flows, revealing new dimensions as it does so.

In 2011 Pantha du Prince appeared at the Øya Festival in Oslo where he collaborated with a collection of musicians on a series of bell-oriented tracks under the name Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory. The name neatly tied into Pantha du Prince’s fascination with the instrument and electronic music’s past; the original Bell Laboratories were where Max Mathews developed one of the first computer programs to play music back in the 1950s. At Øya the group played a piece titled ‘Elements of Light’, the name given to the studio recording of their efforts.

Since ‘Elements of Light’s release the ensemble has toured actively in Europe and in the US.